Inductive Power Accessory

Wireless Power for Recording and Stimulation

When placed within a resonant magnetic field, the inductive power add-on assembly will keep a wireless headstage's internal battery perpetually charged, thereby facilitating indefinite and uninterrupted device operation. Wireless power setups must be tailored to the experimental environment, therefore charging results may vary depending on the size and shape of the workspace. We offer custom emission coils for unique workspace shapes and sizes.


  • Enables indefinite recording time for W/S-Series headstages
  • Magnetically controlled on/off battery and transmitter switches
  • LED indicators for headstage power and battery charging
  • Biocompatible packaging available
  • Modular design ideal for most experimental environments
  • Compact battery further reduces headstage size and weight
  • Upgrades available for previously purchased standard headstages
  • Magnetic fields guaranteed to be safe and undetectable by animals


Inductive Power Accessory


specification inductive power

Field Strength

field map

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