Multiplexed Recording Systems

Tethered recording setup with minimal wiring. 3 wires for 32 channels, adding just 1 wire for each additional headstage. Up to seven 32 channel headstages per system.

With the M-Series amplifier system, you can record 5, 16 and 32 channels of data using just three wires, with each additional headstage requiring only one extra wire. Many customers take advantage of this system's minimal wiring by implementing a commutator for wire rotation management, thereby preventing the animal from tangling its tether and compromising the experiment. Used with a 9 wire cable and commutator, the multiplexing headstage and receiver can connect to over 200 independent channels of electrode connection.


  • Pre-wired recording assemblies with Omnetics connector in increments of 31 total inputs
  • Reduced wire count for superior integration with electrical commutators/slip ring assemblies
  • Just 3 wires for first 31 inputs and at minimum 1 wire for each additional 31 inputs
  • Customizable headstage wiring configurations (for M64 - M224 systems)
  • Options include tracking LEDs, microphone, temperature sensor, accelerometers
  • Standard 5 foot headstage cabling included with system
  • Compatible with 1Mohm or lower electrode impedances
  • Typical bandpass filtering per channel: .8 Hz to 7kHz
  • 50kHz sampling rate per channel
  • Analog signal and TTL event inputs on base station (required internal DAQ)
  • Choice of electrode interface boards for various species and applications
  • 800x system gain for optimal signal to noise ration (factory configurable)
  • Available with digital output to NeuroWare, analog output or both
  • Video LED tracking available with optional OptiMap software
  • NeuroWare and OptiMap datasets easily exported to MatLab, NeuroExplorer, or EDF

M32 System

  • Record up to 31 channels with one headstage
  • 3 wire interface cable
  • Headstage dimension: 15 x 20 x 5 mm
  • Headstage weight: 0.8 g

M64 System

  • Record up to 62 channels with two headstages
  • 4 wire interface cable

M96 System

  • Record up to 93 channels with three headstages
  • 5 wire interface cable

M128 System

  • Record up to 124 channels with four headstages
  • 6 wire interface cable

M160 System

  • Record up to 155 channels with five headstages
  • 7 wire interface cable

M192 System

  • Record up to 186 channels with six headstages
  • 8 wire interface cable

M224 System

  • Record up to 217 channels with seven headstages
  • 9 wire interface cable


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