Smart Ephys Wireless Recording Systems

Wirelessly transmits data obtained from electrodes. Supports 63, 126 and 254 recording channels systems. Complete with intergated data acquisition MCS-IFB and software.

The Smart Ephys Wireless System is the all-in-one solution for amplifying, recording, and analyzing real-time in vivo data from 64 to 256 channels. It combines the advantages of two well-known brands: A large range of lightweight and miniaturized headstages for low power consumption from TBSI with a cutting edge data acquisition and interface board (IFB) from MCS.

This wireless system can simultaneously transmit plus digitize 64-254 neural electrodes without having to sacrifice form or function. Our custom single-ended ASIC pre-amplifier enables samples every channel at 50kHz for local field potentials and spikes alike. Your test subjects will be free to move and behave naturally in the environment of your choosing, while you can rest assured that your data will be of the highest quality.

The complete system is comprised of a wireless headstage transmitter with an integrated rechargeable battery, RF signal receiver/baseband demodulator, integrated data acquisition with MCS-IFB, power supply, and basic interfacing cables.


  • Wireless DAQ recording: 64, 128 and 256 channels in rats and larger species (non human primate)
  • up to 50kHz sampling rate with 24bit ADC range
  • Wireless inductive powering option
  • possible synchronized video recording
  • Unconstrained natural behavior with motion tracking (OptiMap software)
  • No tether artifacts
  • No need for cable commutators
  • Multiple systems in parallel
  • Plug and play with silicon probes, microelectrode arrays, and more
  • highly flexible 16 bit digital I/O port
  • 8 additional analog inputs

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Focus on one or multiple areas with spike-bandwidth for 64, 128 and 256 channels
  • Non-stop recording for long duration unsupervised experiments and high-throughput
  • Easily study locomotion, sleep, social interaction, operant conditioning, and behavioral pharmacology/lesions
  • Absence of signal contamination and lack of behavioral distraction due to tether movement
  • Save costs (typically 5k USD per unit) and labor required to manually supervise tethered animals
  • Fast setup time and save costs on shielding and noise troubleshooting
  • Up to 3 wireless recording systems and 16 stim systems simultaneously in open field, >3 record systems possible in operant chambers with radio shielding
  • Connect directly to silicon probes to create low-profile, highly robust chronic recording systems


  • Wireless operations up to 5 meters (conforms to FCC intentional radiator requirements)
  • Headstage equipped with magnetic on/off switch technology
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion internal battery
  • Optional external battery for extended use
  • Data acquisition and interface board (MCS-IFB)
  • Software package Multi Channel Suite
  • Dual radio systems available
  • Choice of electrode interface boards for various species and applications
  • 800x standard system gain for optimal signal to noise ratio (factory configurable)
  • Available with digital output to NeuroWare, analog output or both
  • Video LED tracking available with optional OptiMap software
  • NeuroWare and OptiMap datasets easily exportable to MatLab, NeuroExplorer, or EDF

W64 System

  • Provides 63 single-ended inputs for recording biopotentials (5mV pk-pk input range).
  • Headstage dimensions: 25x20.5x14.2mm, weighs just 5.0 grams
  • Each input channel records 50 ksamples/sec, enabling .8Hz-7kHz bandwidth

W128 System

  • Provides 126 single-ended inputs for recording biopotentials (5mV pk-pk input range).
  • Headstage dimensions: 34.3x28.7x16mm, weighs just 10.0 grams
  • Each input channel records 50 ksamples/sec, enabling .8Hz-7kHz bandwidth

W256 System

  • Provides 254 single-ended inputs for recording biopotentials (5mV pk-pk input range)
  • Headstage dimensions: 33x20x15mm, weighs just 9.0 grams
  • Each input channel records 25 ksamples/sec, enabling .8Hz-7kHz bandwidth

Custom Engineering

Do you have a need for a customized solution based on one of our product brands? Triangle BioSystems is available to provide custom solutions to assist you with your special projects. We will work closely with you and your technical team to understand your requirements, suggest a solution, and develop the hardware that will allow you to meet your research needs.

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