Implantable Wireless Stimulation System for Mice

1 or 3 channel implantable mouse stimulators: wireless programmable and preprogrammable. Capable of 50us minimum pulse width. Up to +/- 1mA output current. StimWare required.

Triangle BioSystems International presents an implantable single or triple channel stimulation system that allows researchers to generate stimulation waveform patterns via StimWare® and a PC with a wireless USB transceiver. The complete system is comprised of an implantable inductively powered stimulator, an inductive powering cage, a wireless USB transceiver, an electrode connection kit, and StimWare software. The StimWare software allows the user to trigger or repeat a user-defined stimulation pattern at a certain rate. The user defined pattern is factory-loaded into the memory of the implant device. The pattern may be repeated at certain rates as controlled by StimWare. The pattern may also be externally triggered by the wireless USB transceiver.

This implantable stimulator can be implanted in a mouse’s peritoneal cavity using a minimally invasive surgical procedure. It has a 90-day package life.


  • One external TTL stimulation trigger, available on wireless USB transceiver
  • Available with 1 or 3 channels
  • 90-day package life
  • Up to ±1mA
  • Drives electrodes with up to 100 kΩ resistance
  • Headstage weight: 2.3 grams
  • Communicates data with StimWare via wireless USB transceiver
  • Up to 12 bits of current resolution
  • Pulse width as short as 50µs
  • ± 4.3V output range

Software Features:

In using StimWare for the Implantable Wireless Stimulation System for Mice, the following control options are included:

  • Pattern determined by user & factory-loaded into memory of the implant
  • Repeat pre-programmed stimulation pattern at certain rates
  • Software or external triggering to start stimulation pattern

System Specifications:

    Input Impedance Specs      
        4kΩ ±1 mA As short as 50µs pulse width
        10kΩ ±430 µA As short as 50µs pulse width
        100kΩ ±43 µA As short as 50µs pulse width


    Headstage Mechanical Specs          
        Length 15 13   mm Edge to edge (including connectors)
        Width 12 11   mm Edge to edge
        Height 6 8   mm Edge to edge
        Weight 2.3 2.3   grams With connector & dipped package
        Temperature Tolerance     1 Degree C Change of package surface temp

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