Implantable Stimulator Systems

Dual channel implantable stimulators: wireless programmable and pre-programmable. Capable of 100us minimum pulse width. Up to +/- 1mA output current. StimWare (required) enables user-configurable control over three tiers of nested pulse patterns.

Our implantable dual channel stimulation systems allow researchers to generate and upload two separately customizable waveform patterns to a stimulator headstage, wirelessly. We offer products for both optogenetic and electrical stimulation. TBSI's StimWare and OptoStimWare applications allows the user direct control over the details of the uploaded stimulation pattern, including three optional tiers of nested patterns.

Each complete system is comprised of a stimulator headstage implant, an Inductive Power cage collar and all necessary accessories. Pattern generation software, StimWare or OptoStimWare, are also included. StimWare and OptoStimWare are compatible with Windows 7/8

Wirelessly Programmable:

The wireless two channel stimulator supplies stimulation patterns in real time via wireless communication with a USB dongle transceiver. StimWare enables a range of wireless headstage interaction, including external event and user triggering, and stimulator on/off control.



  • 2 channels
  • Varied battery life (60mAH supply)
  • +/- 500uA maximum output current
  • 50us minimum pulse width

User-defined variables include:

  • Initial Delay
  • Single Pulse Current and Duration
  • Train Pattern (Multiple Pulses)
  • Stimulus Pattern (Multiple Trains)
  • External Event Triggering (Wireless Only)

Implantable Dual Channel Optogenetic Stimulation System

  • True wireless system, updates wireless stimulator headstage programming in real time
  • Available now for blue LED (465.6nm wavelength)
  • Drives two LEDs with 37mW output intensity
  • OptoStimWare required for operation

Wireless Dual Channel Electrical Stimulation System

  • True wireless system, updates wireless stimulator headstage programming in real time
  • Headstage provides two independently enabled and programmed stimulation channels
  • Up to +/- 500uA constant current output with 12 bits resolution and 50 usec accuracy
  • StimWare (required for operation) provides three nested tiers of programmable pulse

StimWare Pattern Generator Software

  • Facilities fast and easy stimulation pulse pattern programming (works exclusively with TBSI dual channel stimulators)
  • Supports customization of three tiers of nested stimulation patterns
  • Provides feedback about stimulator operational status
  • User settings include: initial delay, single pulse current and duration, train pattern (multiple pulses), and stimulus pattern (multiple trains)

Custom Engineering

Do you have a need for a customized solution based on one of our product brands? Triangle BioSystems is available to provide custom solutions to assist you with your special projects. We will work closely with you and your technical team to understand your requirements, suggest a solution, and develop the hardware that will allow you to meet your research needs.

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